We Have the Time to Give you a Break

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Feeling overwhelmed? Working a full-time job, juggling the sporting practices of your children, and managing the household with grocery shopping, cooking dinner, cleaning up after dinner, washing clothes, and prepping lunches and clothes for the next school and work day? This is enough to make anyone exhausted. Yet somehow we believe we must push ourselves to accomplish everything. How many times have you said, “I wish there were more hours in the day?”

Well, even if you had more hours in the day, it would be filled with tons of things that you think needs to be done. So when do you get time for yourself? You may think, “What is that?” So many of you feel this way, and we at Thorough Clean understand this. This is why we believe that you deserve a break for all that you do.

You are our priority. What we want is for you to truly live your life, and not succumb to the stresses of having to do it all. Some of us attempt to do it all, and may even succeed, but at what cost? Time lost spending it at the park or beach with our children? Time lost spending a relaxing afternoon just talking and enjoying a picnic with our spouse or significant other? Time lost spending it with our loved ones, until it’s too late and they are no longer with us?

Time is precious. Life is precious. Stop wasting your time. Put the burden on us to free you to live your life with purpose. Let us take one of the biggest burdens of running a household away from you. Investing with us, means investing in your time that can never be retrieved once it is lost.

You pick the type of cleaning services you need, and we guarantee to exceed your expectations. The majority of us do not have the time to do a complete cleaning of our home, and most times will take to cleaning priorities, such as the bathrooms, kitchen, light dusting, and vacuuming.

We may even plan to do the overall cleaning of windows, dusty ceiling fans, dusty and bug-filled lighting treatments, and floor scrubbing during the Spring. With the pace that we live our lives, we are lucky if we meet this plan. At Thorough Clean, we take cleaning to the next level.

A quick phone call or email to our office will provide you with a free estimate of a customized cleaning plan designed around your needs to give you peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy that beautiful day outside.

There are times when you need to realize that you can’t do it all. Or, even if you feel that you have been doing it all, it does come at a price. And that price is not a monetary one.

Even if you only schedule a cleaning once a month, that is a great way to have those areas of your home that often get overlooked, such as under the bed or window treatments, cleaned to eliminate dust that can cause many allergies. It’s a great way to have your carpets and floors completely cleaned so remove dirt and grime that have built up over the months. These one time monthly cleanings by our professionals will make the maintenance of cleaning your home easier. You will find that it takes you less time to clean your home routinely, allowing you more time for the things that you do enjoy.

Contact us for your free, no obligation estimate. We promise that your home will shine with cleanliness and sanitization to resemble something out of a fairytale  – purity and beauty. Don’t sacrifice your life to your home … that’s our job.

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