Vancouver’s Favorite Cleaning Service

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House Cleaning VancouverWhen you think of a cleaning service that is 100 percent reliable and available around the clock for all your emergency and general cleaning needs, there are only two words that come to mind – Thorough Clean. As Vancouver’s favorite cleaning service, Thorough Clean has earned its reputation in Vancouver for its honesty and dependability.

In our busy lives that often times bring about unexpected events, it is soothing knowing that there is a company that you can call at any time to relieve you from a time-consuming duty in your life – cleaning. There are no set hours for cleaning. Thorough Clean designates its hours of service around the needs of its customers.

A positive and likeable reputation is not born overnight. Thorough Clean has worked hard in establishing itself as the leader in its industry, by solely putting customers first. Exceeding a customer’s expectations is what makes Thorough Clean Vancouver’s favorite cleaning service.

Backed by insurance to cover any accidental mishaps that may happen during a cleaning session at your home, Thorough Clean only employs highly skilled and screened workers. Workers are professional and will easily serve all your residential cleaning needs. All workers take their job seriously, from the customer service representative that takes your call, to the cleaners that show up at your property. Providing a clean and healthy environment for you and your family is of the utmost priority.

Whether you need a one-time emergency cleaning after a construction job at your home, or a scheduled weekly or bi-weekly cleaning service, Thorough Clean’s dedicated workers are waiting to transform your home into a clean, comfortable, and safe place to relax.

Upon receiving your call, a qualified representative will meet with you at your home or our office to review what types of cleaning service you need, and provide you with a fully customized, no obligation estimate. No cleaning situation is too big or too small for Thorough Clean’s experienced and trustworthy staff.

Once you have chosen Thorough Clean as your prime cleaning service provider, highly trained and bonded cleaners will enter your home, upon your designated schedule, and have your property gleaming with cleanliness. With a first home cleaning, you will receive an overall cleaning of all immediately visible grime from walls, window blinds, floors, and glass sliding doors. Detailed cleaning will then follow of all bathroom fixtures, including sinks, tubs, and toilets, as well as floors, walls, and light switches. Cleaning is followed by complete sanitization to kill bacteria and mold.

Kitchens fixtures are then cleaned by scrubbing grime buildup on appliances and sinks, as this highly used area can also be a breathing ground for mold from leftover food spills. All appliances are shined, and kitchen counters are cleaned and sanitized as most contaminants generate from the kitchen area. Light fixtures are also cleaned and sanitized to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Large living areas, such as the living room, sitting room, and family room are cleaned. Dusting of furniture, blinds, baseboards, and windowsills are completed with no trace of tiny bugs or cobwebs. Floors are vacuumed and mopped, if necessary, leaving no area left untouched.

A final inspection is done of the entire home to ensure that it not only sparkles with cleanliness, but that it is completely sanitized to high quality standards that meet or even exceed the customer’s expectations. The job site is not left until every area of the home is of perfect cleanliness. To maintain this cleanliness, you have the option of scheduling routine maintenance cleaning sessions.

It is easy to see why Thorough Clean is Vancouver’s favorite cleaning service. The fact that they will go out of their way to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results of their service is reason enough to make them the leaders in the industry.

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