Residential Cleaning Services Vancouver

Residential Cleaning Services VancouverThorough Clean offers residential cleaning services in the Vancouver area so you can receive the best cleaning at affordable prices. Our commitment, honesty, and attention to detail has allowed us to expand our services to reach more residents who may need assistance cleaning their home so they can focus on their work, their family, and their children.

Our lives are busy and it may seem at times that it just keeps getting busier. On our days off we are struggling with the house chores and yet yearning to just relax, unwind, and enjoy time with family and friends. House chores are essential to ensure that we are living in a healthy and safe environment. It is something that can’t be avoided, yet is often most dreaded.

Well now you can stop dreading your days off and start enjoying them! Call us to schedule your free cleaning consultation where we will review all your cleaning needs and develop a service plan that meets your expectations and your budget. Obtaining assistance from us does not mean that you are unable to handle all the responsibilities in your life; what it does mean is that you are smart enough to know what is more important in life.

At our affordable prices, you can have weekly or bi-weekly professional cleaning of your home from our experienced and highly trained cleaners. We only hire the best in the industry, and coming from an honest company, our cleaners have the integrity to respect your space and belongings and focus on what they do best – cleaning.

You choose the day and time that you want your home clean, and we are there. If you choose to have the luxury of coming home to a clean house, you can entrust your house keys with us. Your keys are securely locked at our home office and only released to the team of cleaners that will be cleaning your home that day.

Our cleaners waste no time. They will get to work immediately tackling one room at a time. All cobwebs in the corners of the walls will be removed, the dust will be cleaned from all baseboards, windowsills wiped clean, and all fixtures and furniture dusted. In addition we will vacuum and/or mop your floors according to the type of flooring that you may have.

We take extra care in the bathroom and kitchen areas that house the most germs. Each bathroom tub, shower, and sink will be scrubbed to a shine. The toilets will be cleaned and sanitized and all countertops will be wiped down with a safe sanitizing cleaner. In addition, all your bathroom fixtures will be cleaned and polished to sparkle, including your bathroom mirror. Every corner in the bathroom is cleaned and sanitized to give you a healthy living environment.

The kitchen sinks are scrubbed clean and finished with a nice polishing of the sink fixtures. All countertops will be cleaned and sanitized, and all appliances will be polished to a high shine. We also do spot cleaning on the walls that may have had some oil splashing from cooking and wipe down all lighting fixtures.

When we are done with your house cleaning, you may not recognize your home. It will be so sparkly clean resembling probably the first day that you moved in. This is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and immediate relaxation to enjoy your much deserved day off.

Additional residential cleaning services in the Vancouver area are available. Speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives to also receive a quote for carpet and window cleaning.