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Residential Cleaning

When the burden of cleaning your home has become overwhelming or taking time away from you spending time with family or friends, or just relaxing, it’s time to contact Thorough Clean. Thorough Clean specializes in professional residential cleaning at an astonishing affordable price.

While you are at work or out enjoying life, you can entrust that the professionals at Thorough Clean are doing what they do best – cleaning and sanitizing your home. Thorough Clean’s professional cleaners go through a detailed background and history check, so you can rest and feel comfortable knowing your home is in good hands.

Thorough Clean offers you standard cleaning services that include vacuuming and/or mopping all your floors, vacuuming furniture to remove all the dust and crumbs that can accumulate in-between and on the cushions, dusting furniture and fixtures, and cleaning and sanitizing bathroom and kitchens. Complete care is taken to ensure that your bathrooms are well-cleaned, including mirrors and fixtures, as well as sanitized for you and your family’s safety. The same care is taken in your kitchen, including garbage removal from your home.

If you want more than general cleaning, such as the scrubbing of windows, screens, and window sills, Thorough Clean now provides those services to you when you need it. This is probably a service that you only need to do once every four months, so it’s nice to know that Thorough Clean is always there to keep your home clean and sanitized all year round. Complete cleaning is what Thorough Clean stands for, and that is exactly what they do.

So enjoy your day at work or take time during the weekend to enjoy a family activity knowing you and your family will be coming home to a clean and sanitized home environment. No area inside your home will be neglected – not even those cobwebs in the corners of your living room. Start enjoying life and Call us about our special holiday discount! Available only for a limited time.