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Regular Maid Services

Whether you are busy working or taking care of your children, receiving help with cleaning and sanitizing your home can relieve you of the unnecessary stress of thinking that you “have to do it all”. You don’t! Having a maid does not mean that you can’t do everything yourself. Having a maid does not mean you don’t want to do it yourself. Having a maid means that you are smart enough to know what is important in your life. No matter your needs, Thorough Clean can provide you with routine cleaning through their personalized maid service.

Instead of having to call and schedule routine cleaning, Thorough Clean can provide you with stable maid service that you can count on. No matter if you need assistance daily or just three times a week, you can put your mind at ease knowing that it is okay to receive help in keeping your entire home clean and sanitized all the time. It is one thing to have everything in its place, and it’s another thing to have your home always smelling fresh and sanitized from every day germs that you bring into your home.

Our maid service can be at your home whether you are there or not – every cleaning day is planned around what you need done. You can feel safe in knowing that Thorough Clean’s employees are completely screened and come insured in the unlikely event of damage to your property or items. So put your worrying aside, and get back to your life!

Call Thorough Clean today and talk with one of our cleaning professionals on hiring a maid to help you and your family maintain a clean and safe home environment. You can even request to have the same person assigned to you so that he or she knows exactly what you need and is able to take charge of cleaning your home without your direction. This means more time for you to enjoy life, and less time being a slave to your home. Stop waiting – Call us about our special holiday discount! Available only for a limited time.