Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services VancouverIn addition to residential cleaning, Thorough Clean offers office cleaning services in Vancouver for area businesses. With our strong group of cleaners building a solid reputation for our company, we have been able to expand our impeccable services to the Vancouver businesses.

Office cleaning is very critical to the overall operations of any business. It is a business’ responsibility to ensure its working space is clean and sanitized for both the health and safety of its customers and its employees.

From a customer’s perspective, if he or she walks into a business establishment and it is unorganized, untidy, and has an overall look and smell of an unclean environment, he or she is most likely to do business elsewhere. The way your business looks has a direct relationship to how profitable your business will be. It must be a welcoming space to show your potential customer that you care and take pride in your business. Top this with excellent customer service and you are on the road to success.

In addition, it is also important for your employees to walk into an environment that looks and smells clean. This shows an employee that you truly care about their well-being and respect the work that they provide to you on a daily basis. When employees feel respected in this manner, you can almost ensure that you will have dedicated employees for the long-term and not experience high employment turnover.

What we do for you to accomplish success in your business is bring you the highest quality of cleaning services that is matched to your budgetary needs. Our general cleaning services include the removal of garbage from the premises, vacuuming and mopping of all floors according to is style and type, dusting of all fixtures, furniture, and counter tops, and cleaning of bathroom facilities and the kitchen area.

We take extra care in the restroom area as it is used by many people on a daily basis; thereby housing many germs. We not only scrub and clean the toilets and sinks, but we sanitize them as well to ensure that this area is safe from disease causing germs. All sink fixtures are polished, mirrors cleaned, and countertops cleaned and sanitized.

As many also use the kitchen area, this area must also be kept clean and sanitized to prevent food contamination and bugs from taking residence. We will scrub and sanitize the sink, as well as the countertops. We will also clean the appliances, such as the microwave, to ensure that food contamination doesn’t occur. The products that we use to clean and sanitize this area are safe. It is not harmful to people or pets.

We usually schedule office cleaning services in Vancouver during closing hours of the business so as to not disrupt the daily operations. In addition, when the staff and customers return when the business is open, they will always be greeted with a warm welcome of cleanliness showing that the business is respectful of others.

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