Move In Cleaning Services Vancouver

Move In Cleaning Services VancouverMoving in to a new house, apartment, or business is an exciting time, but before you make the move it is nice to have the entire place cleaned for safety and sanitary reasons – not to mention it looks good! There is actually no way for you to know what was left behind or not cleaned when you move in to a new place. The only assurance you have to a guaranteed clean and disinfected environment is by having Thorough Clean do the work for you.

We are available when you need us. We are just a phone call away. You can set up a cleaning time for our team of professionals to come into your home, apartment, or business and use safe, industrial strength cleaners to clean and disinfect your home from what may have been left from the previous tenants. Although the place you are moving into may “look” clean, it may not necessarily be “clean”. There could be germs lurking in areas that can turn out to be unsafe for you, your family, or your employees. You can schedule the cleaning in advance of your move in date to make the move easier on yourself.

Put your trust in us. Combined, we have years of experience and training in the residence and business cleaning market. We will scrub all bathroom tubs, showers, toilets, and bathroom and kitchen sinks. All counters will be cleaned and disinfected, including mirrors and all fixtures. We will clean all windows and window sills, and even blinds if they are in the dwelling or business.

All counters will be cleaned and disinfected, including appliances. Once all these areas have been cleaned, we will vacuum carpet and clean other types of flooring. Your flooring, whether wood, laminate, or tile will be cleaned with the proper cleaning solutions to not only remove dirt and grime, but to remove undetectable germs that can cause disease.

We even remove any garbage that may have been left in the residence or business from the previous tenant, and we will never leave any of our cleaning materials behind. When we are done cleaning your new home or business, all you will be responsible for is moving in and placing your items where you please without the added stress of not knowing if a place is clean or not. This we guarantee.