Make Your Home Clean and Green!

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vancouver cleaning serviceMany members of society are becoming more aware of the concept of being green and are taking measures to promote the health of the environment. Recycling opportunities have increased, and the use of plastic bags for groceries is diminishing. With an increase in air pollution from factories and vehicles, and the release of toxins into our air, land, and water, it is a responsible commitment that some people are taking to preserve our natural resources and the health of our communities. One major step in this lifestyle is to make your home clean and green!

More studies are being released that the use of standard household chemicals may have harmful side effects on humans, animals, and the environment. These chemicals that have been used for centuries are toxic, non-biodegradable, and are mostly petroleum based. Many of these household cleaners also contain anti-bacterial properties, which the FDA has said is actually counterproductive to what it was designed to do. Studies have shown that instead of killing germs, the anti-bacterial products actually leave a percentage of bacteria behind. The bacteria that is left behind eventually adapt and become resistant to anti-bacterial products; therefore, defeating its whole purpose.

You don’t have to sacrifice cleanliness when making the decision to use green products. Green products are very effective in cleaning all areas of your house. As more and more people are switching to green products, they are also looking for cleaning services that use green products. Finding these companies can be difficult, but fortunately a Vancouver Cleaning Service, Thorough Clean, has embarked on the path to being green.

Thorough Clean offers cleaning services with the use of green products only to make your home clean and green. Green household cleaning products are natural to the environment, and are safe for a house with small children and pets. It is biodegradable and not petroleum based like many standard household cleaners, which makes it safe for the environment.

To make your home clean and green, Thorough Clean has trained employees who use only natural products to clean your home without any toxic side effects. Your countertops, sinks, tubs, toilets, furniture, floor, and windows will all be cleaned by green products. Your home will smell fresh and clean without the strong smell of chemicals.

Thorough Clean is ahead in the cleaning industry by providing green cleaning services to customers. Keep your home healthy and make your home clean and green with safe products.

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