How House Cleaning Benefits Your Health

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House Cleaning VancouverThere are people who don’t look forward to house cleaning, there are some people who don’t clean at all, and then there are people who are always cleaning. Regardless of how one feels about cleaning their house, the cleaning process is essential in maintaining a safe and healthy environment to live in. Thorough Clean can show you how house cleaning benefits your health.

The air we breathe can be full of contaminants from pollution and harmful toxins, so why add to that unclean air quality by allowing mold, mildew, dirt, dust, and grime to build up inside your house? All these pollutants and toxins can lead to respiratory problems and allergies. Over a period of time, if a house is not cleaned properly on a regular basis, these allergens and toxins can build up and cause serious health-related issues.

Thorough Clean’s team of professionals can come into your house and remove these common allergens, by vacuuming, dusting, cleaning cobwebs, removing dust from blind window treatments, and dusting ceiling fans. Just by performing this one type of cleaning routine, it can already reduce some of the most common household allergens.

Another health hazard is mold and mildew. Thorough Clean uses the industry’s highest quality cleaning products to remove all signs of mold and mildew around sinks, walls, ceilings, and bathtubs. Having mold and mildew in your house is a very serious health risk, as it can cause severe breathing problems. If left untreated, mold and mildew can grow at an alarming rate and take over a house. It needs to be eliminated and controlled.

Our bathrooms and kitchens are also home to bacteria and viruses that can cause such sicknesses as the common cold and influenza. Thorough Clean has highly trained professionals who use high quality disinfectants with cleaning solutions to remove the grime and germs that harbor and multiply in bathrooms and kitchens. These professionals will clean and sanitize sinks, faucets, countertops, appliances, toilets, showers, and floors. Using a disinfectant can kill up to 99.9% of the germs that can cause common illnesses.

Thorough Clean is reliable and skilled, and can easily demonstrate how house cleaning benefits your health. You will immediately notice the freshness of the air within your house. Once Thorough Clean has provided house-cleaning services for you, it is important to maintain this cleanliness with routine cleaning. Remaining healthy, especially in your own house, is important to your overall well-being. Less sickness means more time enjoying life.

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