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Green Cleaning

There is more of a concern today for not only taking care of our environment through such things as recycling or planting a tree for every one that is used to build a home or furniture, but for contributing to this safe environment by what we use in our homes. Thorough Clean has taken the first step in putting your mind at ease, by giving you the option of choosing cleaning solutions for your home that are environmentally safe for your surroundings, for you and your family, and even your pets.

Cleaning solutions do not have to be filled with poisonous chemicals to do a complete job of cleaning and sanitizing your home. Thorough Clean uses industry standard green cleaning products that clean your home just as well as harsher chemicals, without the worry that you, your child, or your pet will become sick from contact with the cleaning solutions. Sometimes it can be just the smell of the chemicals itself to cause allergic reactions to your skin or even your respiratory health.

A clean environment is also important at your place of business, as you don’t know what allergic reactions your employees may experience from chemical cleaners. Choosing to allow Thorough Clean to sanitize and clean your business with green products means that you care not only about the environment we all live in, but that you care about the well-being of your employees. Providing a clean working environment that is safe will make your employees happy.

So whether you need cleaning services for your home or business, Thorough Clean is there to clean your home in a manner that is environmentally safe. The green products used will sanitize your environment and not cause harm to you or the natural environment. Being “green” is an important responsibility and choice that you personally make, and we at Thorough Clean respect your beliefs and concerns when our environmentally safe products. Call us about our special holiday discount! Available only for a limited time.