Establishing a Relationship with Your Cleaning Service

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Whether you invite someone into your personal residence, or vacation home, there must be a sense of complete trust. As your home is your sanctuary – a place of refuge from the traffic on the freeway, rude shoppers in the grocery store or shopping center, and the overabundance of living a busy life – extra caution is automatically portrayed when someone enters your home.

Having a cleaning service is a wonderful luxury to allow you to fully enjoy the peace that your home provides to you and the extra time to enjoy life. Your daily life is busy with places to be and people to see, that hiring a cleaning service is a great way to allow you the downtime you need to recharge yourself. Because you know, your body can only go so far before it gives up, and you have got too much to live for to let that happen!

When you have put your life ahead of being a slave to your home, there are ways that you can embrace your cleaning service personnel as part of your trusted acquaintances, or even extended family. Yes, you can be friends with those who you invite into your home to provide you with a clean environment, but how do you accomplish this with strangers? Create relationships with them.

Know Your Cleaning Service
After you have decided on the cleaning service that can meet your cleaning needs and work around your schedule, ask questions about who will be sent to your home. It’s okay to ask about their experience, past job references, and how long they have been in the cleaning industry. This will give you some basic idea of their dedication, along with the knowledge they will bring to meet your expectations

Introduce Yourself to Your Cleaning Team
When your cleaning person or team arrives at your home, welcome them with a smile. A smile can ease the tension of both parties who are just getting acquainted. A smile can calm any uneasiness that is natural when people first meet. Invite them warmly into your home, and ask them to have a seat so you can begin to know your cleaning team – the first being an introduction of yourself.

Let them know what your schedule is like, and what your expectations are. Even though they may already know this from the company when you hired them, it’s nice to review this with them in your voice, using a friendly tone, so a personal touch can be placed with the expectations.

Get to Know Your Cleaning Team
Take note. Your cleaning team will be one that you will want to keep around for a while, so get to know them individually. This makes them feel that they are trusted, and most of all that they are respected. Ask them if they have children, what they like doing in their spare time, and/or what are their hobbies. Show interest with constant eye contact. This creates trust for both you and your cleaning team.

Call the cleaning service and find out the birthdays of your cleaning team. When it’s their birthday, a small gesture of appreciation and care with a birthday card and a small cupcake, can make your cleaning team more dedicated to you. When you show respect, trust continues to grow and relationships develop. In turn, your cleaning team will work harder for you. It’s a win-win situation.

Not all relationships are the same, and they were never meant to be the same; however, the relationships you establish in your life will determine the type of person you are. Getting to know the very hands that care for your home or part-time residence can begin a fabulous relationship – after all, they are in your most private dwelling place most of the time.

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