Cleaning in the New Year

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cleaning services vancouverTo begin a New Year, it means letting go of everything in the previous year that was negative, and embracing the opportunity for new possibilities and adventures that the New Year has to offer. One of the simplest ways to embrace this new start is to begin cleaning in the New Year. It’s time to be out with the old clutter and in with a tidy and hygienic house. There’s a great feeling to coming home to an organized house where you can relax and unwind.

As our busy lives unfolded throughout the year, we may have had only minimal time to just do spot cleaning of bathrooms and the kitchen areas. Dusting of baseboards, windowsills and ceiling fans, removing grime buildup on our walls, and washing windows and screens were probably the least thoughts on our minds as we hustled around working or commuting our children to sporting practices.

Now we are well into moving through the New Year, and you are probably thinking it would be so nice to start out cleaning in the New Year to have a house free of mildew, dust, and grime. The only problem is, you are still busy! There is no need to worry, Thorough Clean services is just a phone call away to relieving your stress and sanctifying your house.

You don’t have to be home to supervise the cleaning, as your needs will have already been relayed to the cleaning team. Don’t worry about the security of your property, as Thorough Clean is completely insured. So you can go on with you busy life, and Thorough Clean will come in and get down to the hard cleaning of built up grime, stains, and mildew, followed by a complete cleaning of walls, windowsills, baseboards, blinds, furniture, and floors.

If you have young children or pets and are afraid of the cleaning chemicals being used, Thorough Clean offers its customers the choice of “green” cleaning solutions. Your house will still be cleaned according to the high standards of Thorough Clean, and you can rest assured that your house will be safely cleaned with non-toxic chemicals.

Cleaning in the New Year does not have to be another tedious chore. Save your time and sanity and hire Thorough Clean to get your house in tip top shape. This level of cleanliness can then be maintained by hiring Thorough Clean to come into your house during regularly scheduled cleaning times.

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