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Many of the area’s most discriminating homeowners rely on us to take care of their carpeting investment and keep their homes healthy. We want to add you to our list of happy clients, and in order to accomplish this; We’re going to make you an incredible offer that you can’t refuse.

We’ll meet with you personally, to give you a complete carpet evaluation and show you how our services will benefit you. We’ll then offer you one room of FREE cleaning so you can see the quality of our work.
Yes, you did read right. We’ll give you one room of cleaning absolutely FREE! But you must act quickly. If you want the opportunity to experience our first class service, you’ll need to mention this to the technician when he comes to your house or pick up the phone and call. You can reach our office right now at (604) 362-6976.

This offer is only available for new clients that are  homeowners. If you call our office after hours, be sure to note the time you called, as appointments will be scheduled in the order received.


This service is available for both residential and commercial customers and come with the same guarantee of excellence in customer service.

When we clean your residence or place of business, you know it is not only “looks” clean, but it is a clean and healthy environment for you, your family, and your pets. Thorough Clean is committed to always keep this promise to you by looking for new ways to serve your needs by providing a new complete carpet cleaning service.

Our carpet cleaning services are not only targeted to your carpets, as you would suspect. This cleaning service includes upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, kitchen exhaust fan cleaning, bathroom fan cleaning, gutter cleaning, and duct cleaning. We go that extra mile to ensure that not only your carpets are dust, dirt, and germ free, but that your furniture, beds, and other areas of your home or business that can collect grime and dust are free from unhealthy and dangerous hazards.

For a reasonable price, you can purchase a carpet cleaning package for your entire home. This package includes three rooms, a living room, a dining room, and all hallways leading to different areas of your home. Even the heavy traffic areas of your carpet will be cleaned so deeply with only the best commercial grade cleaning agents, that your guests will think you replaced your old carpet.

We have an upholstery cleaning package that is set for a standard living or family room set of a love seat (two seat), sofa (three seat), and a chair (one seat). These services provide a complete cleaning of buildup of dirt and dust that has caused your furniture to look old. After our cleaning, your furniture will regain a look almost close to its original state when you first purchased it. Your furniture will glow with cleanliness making it seem like you have an entire set of new furniture for a fraction of the cost!

We also offer care and cleaning of your mattresses. Normal wear on your mattresses can cause them to have stains, dust, and sometimes a musty odor. Our mattress cleaning service includes different prices depending on the size of your mattress to promote fair pricing.

In addition to the general cleaning of your mattress with our commercial grade products, we will also sanitize and deodorize it. After years of use, especially if you have children, mattresses can take a beating. Instead of spending a large amount of money to replace your mattresses, save money and contact us for the highest in cleaning standards.

We also offer cleaning of dryer vents, ducts, kitchen exhausts, and bathroom fans, because these areas can accumulate lots of dust and debris, which can prevent air from properly circulating. When the air is not circulating well, it can create an unhealthy environment for you to live in.

What is even scarier is that if you do not perform regular maintenance on your dryer vent, it can become a serious fire hazard. Dryer lint builds up slowly, and many people believe that just cleaning their dryer’s lint screen is adequate enough. This is not so.

As wet clothes dry, lint is removed along with the water. Lint is gathered not only in the lint screen, but also in the dryer’s vent. Both lint and the residue from clothing detergent, which builds in the vent over time, are a dangerous mixture. When these two items combine and multiply, it becomes one of the worst fire hazards.

Another reason that cleaning your dryer vent is important is that it can save you on the dry time of your clothes and the amount of energy that is used to dry your clothes. Cleaning your dryer vent will save you money in the long run.

By the time we are done cleaning your carpets, mattresses, and other areas of your home, you will feel as if you are walking into a completely renovated environment. Remember, all our services can be purchased as a separate package or combined.

We are confident in our 100 percent highly effective cleaning service that we also offer you a 100 percent guarantee on all the work we perform. The cleaning service is never complete until you are satisfied. When you are happy, we are happy.