Blind Cleaning Services

Blind Cleaning VancouverWhen you first built and designed your home or business, or when you remodeled your home or business to give it a new look you may have picked either vertical or horizontal blinds. Window and glass door blinds come in a variety of styles and designs that are appealing to the eye, which may have been the only thing you were looking at during that shopping time. What you may not have been thinking about is the maintenance of blinds. Understanding that blinds can be a chore to clean, Thorough Clean has added blind cleaning to its list of both residential and commercial cleaning.

Blinds are a magnet for dust, grime, mold, mildew, and cob webs from those tiny interior spiders that seem to take over when you are fast asleep at night or gone from work. Blinds don’t need to necessarily be cleaned every week, but it should be cleaned either monthly on a maintenance plan or every three months depending on how quickly your blinds become dingy and unsightly.

We realized that cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of blinds used in a household or business can be a task that can consume hours of your time. Many blinds can’t simply be “dusted”, but some require a more diligent scrubbing and cleaning of grime that has attached itself strongly to the blinds. The longer you wait to have your blinds cleaned, the harder it is to remove the grime. We listened to our customers and decided to add this service to give our customers more time to enjoy spending time with family or friends or focusing on work assignments.

Our team of professional cleaners can either add blind cleaning to your already scheduled cleaning service, or just provide this single service to you when you need it. We suggest that you do not wait longer than three months between cleanings as in some places mold and mildew can build quickly, which can cause respiratory illness. We can come into your home or business and do a complete cleaning of your blinds, and then we can schedule a maintenance cleaning for you so you will never have to worry about spending your weekends being a slave to your blinds.

The special cleaners that we use will ensure that dust is not spread from the blinds to other areas of your home or business. We are very meticulous about our cleaning style and use every means possible to ensure that the dust and grime removed from the blinds are contained and removed from your home. After a blind cleaning service, you will be surprised at how brighter your home or office appears. The blinds that were dull and not reflecting much light are now beaming in the sunlight and smelling fresh.

Stop putting off the dreaded cleaning of your blinds and call us today for your free estimate. We will schedule your blind cleaning service around your schedule. We are flexible with our time, and strive to always put the needs of our customers first. Our professional cleaners are trustworthy and honest, so you can even schedule the blind cleaning for a time when you are not home or working. We will be in and out of your home or business in no time so when you arrive, you will not only see clean blinds, but smell the freshness after the dirt and grime has been removed.