An Afternoon Drive in a Clean Car

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Car Thorough CleanWith the business of our daily lives, how many of us even have the time to clean our cars? Or even consider taking an afternoon drive in a clean car? Most of us, against our better judgment, will take the easy way out and use a drive- thru car cleaning service, foregoing our car paint to permanent swirl marks. Not to mention the extra money we have to pay for vacuuming, which we usually have to do ourselves. The cleaning of the upholstery or leather in the vehicle, is just asking too much.

Forget it! Who has time for that? It’s hard enough keeping up with daily responsibilities of child school activities, child sporting activities, work, cooking, laundry, and keeping a clean home. How can we possibly fit in the cleaning of a car to a schedule like this, or even dream of an afternoon drive in a clean car?

Well, your dreams are now about to come true. Thorough Clean has recently embarked upon expanding its exceptional cleaning service to the cleaning and detailing of vehicles. That’s right. Now, you can not only get your home sparkling clean, but your vehicle as well. So now that relaxing dream of an afternoon drive in a clean car can finally become a reality.

When you think about it, when really was the last time that you had your car cleaned from the inside out? We are often so busy taking care of the cleaning of our homes, in addition to the daily responsibilities of life, that cleaning our cars becomes the last on our to do lists.

Each time we get in to our cars to go to work, take the children to school, or go grocery shopping, we definitely notice the dust buildup in our cars, the dirty seats, grimy steering wheel, and the puddle of rocks and dirt on the floors, but we probably just sigh and say we’ll get to it next week. The only problem is that next week never comes.

This is the time to stop putting it off, and call Thorough Clean immediately. No procrastinating, just make the call. Thorough Clean can now completely cleans the outside of your vehicle with a nice washing, complete polishing of the paint, polishing of all chrome detailing, cleaning of tire rims, and shining of the tires.

It doesn’t end there. Thorough Clean stands up to its reputation for complete cleaning by also detailing the inside of your car. The entire car, including the trunk area will be vacuumed, as well as the upholstery. After the vacuuming is completed, the dashboard and console area is wiped free of dust, cleaned of baked on grime and dirt, and sprayed with a sun protector. Door handles and panels are cleaned and also sprayed with a sun protection shield to deter fading. If you have leather seats, these will be cleaned and treated with moisturizing leather cleaner to prolong its life.

No part of your vehicle will be left unclean. All you windows will be sparkling clean, including the removal of the environmental buildup on your headlights. Your car will be so clean that you won’t even recognize it. You will probably think you have a brand new car.

Car detailing does not have to be done that often, in comparison to residential or commercial cleaning. Depending upon the type of environment you live in, you may be able to have a complete detail done monthly to keep your vehicle well-maintained.

Remember the days of having fewer responsibilities, and the great care you took in the very first car you purchased? Remember taking it for that afternoon drive once you cleaned it from front to back? Well, thanks to Thorough Clean, you can once again take that relaxing afternoon drive in a clean car.


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