24 Hour Emergency Cleaning

Vancouver 24 Hour Emergency CleaningYou can schedule your daily or weekly cleaning time to keep your home tidy and sanitary, but you can never schedule an emergency. It is what it is. Something that happens when you least expect it and Thorough Clean is there to help. We provide 24 hour emergency cleaning services for life’s unexpected moments.

Ever had a party planned for the evening, your home is beautifully decorated and clean, food spread meticulously on serving tables, and the drinks perfectly chilled when suddenly your dog runs through your home followed by your child with the muddiest feet ever and your guests are due to arrive in two hours? You don’t have time to get ready for the party and clean your floors. This is when you call Thorough Clean. There is always a friendly customer service representative ready and available to take your urgent call and get a team of professional cleaners to your home quickly.

There are many scenarios for emergency cleaning services. Emergency cleaning may be needed at a business that just got a call from its corporate office that the board of directors will be visiting tomorrow or at a home where you receive a call from a relative that he or she will be staying with you for a week and is arriving tonight. The instantaneous feeling is nervousness – your stomach hurts and your adrenaline climbs. How are you to prepare for this unplanned visit? The worst thing is these unplanned visits always seem to come at just the wrong times.

Realize that with our 24 hour emergency cleaning services you no longer need to feel the effects of stress. We are prepared for any type of emergency cleaning that you may need at any time of the day or night. It is our job to serve our community. We put people first and will always ensure that we meet your cleaning needs when you need us.

In an urgent situation, we will always send a team of cleaners to your residence or business. A team will work fast to give you peace of mind so you can focus on other responsibilities that you need to take care of, whether it is food shopping, getting ready for an event, or preparing business reports. We do the work needed to give you an environment that sparkles, not by masking any mess, but by completely cleaning and sanitizing the specific area or areas that need immediate attention. It is our goal to make your life a little easier.

Feel confident and at peace knowing that if there is ever a cleaning emergency that arises, you can always call Thorough Clean and we will be there when you need us. We only use the best industrial strength cleaners that are safe, while providing the highest level of cleanliness. A clean home or business reflects upon the owner, regardless of how the “mess” may have occurred. This makes it very important that you always be prepared for the unexpected, and that is why we are here. Our customers always come first and we will not leave your home or office until you are completely satisfied.

So no matter that time of day, remember, we are here 24 hours a day to serve your cleaning nerds.